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IDEA’s applications help manufacturers to quickly and securely share their product information with their partners such as distributors, retailers and direct customers.

Partners are better informed of new products, everyday tasks are automated, and product moves off the shelf faster and with more efficiency. Click the video below to find out more, and read more about our eBusiness applications for manufacturers below.

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Here are the applications we've developed to make your life easier and your partners happier.

Synchronization Applications

Industry Data Warehouse (IDW)

The official data synchronization platform of the electrical industry which is built on industry and global eBusiness standards. You can leverage the IDW application to provide accurate and robust product information including pricing, packaging, and marketing to their authorized distributors in one place and one standardized format.

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Related Professional Services:

Attribute Fulfillment Service (AFS)

An outsourced service that helps you populate the attributes defined in the industry's Electrical Attribute Schema into the IDW faster and more cost-efficiently than using internal resources.

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Data Audit & Certification (DAC)

An annual data quality program in which IDEA continually monitors a manufacturer's product data, helps correct errors, and provides a seal of approval.

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Data Management Platform (DMP)

An application that enables you to aggregate, synchronize and communicate product data with all your trading partners (e.g. distributors, retailers & more) through one application. The DMP enables real-time, two-way dialogue with your partners at the field level. Integrated with the IDW.

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IRD CERICOMX® (Industry Retail Database)

An application that provides you an efficient way to register and publish product information to national retailers such as Walmart, Lowe's and Target through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and the 1SYNC data pool.

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Related Professional Service:

Data Management Service (DMS)

An outsourced service in which IDEA completes the data synchronization process, allowing you to comply with Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) standards to sell through national retailers such as Walmart and Lowe's.

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B2B eCommerce Applications

Industry Data Exchange (IDX)

An online document exchange solution that enables you to automate order management processes using electronic data interchange (EDI). Customers can use the IDX Tracker to follow the status of their orders, search/sort, and develop reports to analyze trends in their business processes.

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Related Professional Service:

EDI Managed Services

An outsourced service that enables you to conduct EDI without the need to hire additional staff or purchase new software. The service provides varying levels of support, from writing and testing new maps to managing trading partner relationships continuously.

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A text-to-EDI conversion service that enables you to automate business communications and transactions with trading partners that aren't EDI-capable. Integrated with the IDX.

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