Data Management Platform (DMP)

Through the Data Management Platform (DMP), manufacturers can seamlessly connect to distributors, retailers and other trading partners, reducing the time spent synchronizing product information while quickly adapting to customers’ needs.

Aggregation, Not Aggravation

Whether due to M&A growth or internal data silos, manufacturers have a wealth of product information scattered across many different internal systems and formats including enterprise (e.g. transactional, pricing, packaging), marketing and customer-specific data. But in most cases, it is not integrated, leading to costly errors and lost productivity for both manufacturers and their trading partners. 

Key Benefits:

  • Aggregate internal silos of product data to create one version of the truth.
  • Synchronize product data with all trading partners using one application.
  • Quickly adapt to trading partner needs using customizable tools.
  • Create a two-way dialogue around your product data.

DMP is a Dialogue

The platform enables real-time, two-way dialogue at the field level which gives trading partners the ability to get more specific with their product data requests. Trading partners can also communicate whether a specific item is being reviewed, accepted or rejected and, if so, for what reason, so that manufacturers can make responsive, quick corrections or additions. The DMP messaging system tracks your interactions with trading partners in one place for convenient future reference.

The DMP is a unique, industry-specific solution that validates manufacturer product information with electrical wholesale and Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) standards, while making your organization more responsive and proactive in serving all your trading partners.

Manual and machine-to-machine data import capabilities
  • Aggregate internal product information (e.g. enterprise­, marketing, customer-specific) to create one version of the truth
  • Eliminate the need to search several databases and tie up resources to fulfill customer data requests
  • Automate synchronization processes around your product information
  • Easily integrated with ERP and PIM systems
Integrates industry and global data synchronization standards
  • Save time and eliminate redundancy by synchronizing product data with distributors, retailers and other trading partners using one application
  • Comply with electrical wholesale and GDSN standards
  • Synchronize product information with trading partners that use the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) and/or the GDSN-certified data pool, 1SYNC
Custom connections capability
  • Quickly adapt to trading partner needs using flexible and scalable data management tools
  • Synchronize non-standardized and/or customer-specific product information with trading partners
Product-level messaging
  • Generate a two-way dialogue around your product data to better understand your trading partners’ needs
  • Eliminate the mystery of how your data is used – trading partners can respond back to your published data letting you know its status
  • Track trading partner interactions in one place for convenient future reference
Flexible data management tools
  • Integrate internal controls around your data
  • Provide non-standardized attributes to differentiate your products
Different levels of access
  • Define roles based on tasks and permissions
  • Assign roles to different people in your company
Simplified user interface
  • Makes it easy to see what attributes are needed for your products based on the industry’s Electrical Attribute Schema
  • Accessible from any desktop, laptop or tablet (including the iPad).

The DMP has a "demand-side" in which distributors can manage and validate the product information they receive from various sources (e.g. the IDW or directly from manufacturers) in one location before importing it into their ERP system and packaging it for end users via various print and online media.

  • ­Access the product information you’ll need to build the f­oundation of your catalog
  • Quickly identify gaps in the product information and communicate them to manufacturers
  • Be specific with your product data requests to help manufacturers prioritize efforts down to the item level
  • Develop personal relationships with front-line product data­ contacts at manufacturer companies
  • Drive consistencies across various print and online mediums (e.g. print catalog, web st­orefront, social media)

“In the past, we had to search multiple online resources to start building our product catalo­gs. Now we start with the DMP which provides most the information we need to get started and enables us to send specific data requests for the additional data that can give our company a competitive advantage. There’s no substitute for the personal interaction this tool enables – it makes the entire data sync process more efficient, and we experience immediate returns because we put the data to use right away.”

­­­­– Jason Archbold, Marketing Catalog Supervisor, Border States Electric

Manufacturers such as Crescent Electric Supply, Cooper Industries, Leviton, Lutron, Milbank and OSRAM SYLVANIA, and distributors such as Border States Electric are leveraging the DMP to enhance productivity with the next generation of data synchronization.

"It is crucial that companies adapt to change and understand that the cutting edge, next generation of data synchronization is all around us. IDEA is working with the industry to develop best-in-breed solutions. Creating one source of your product information, automating it through a certified data management platform, validating it and synchronizing it to multiple channels at one time―now that’s a game changer." "The DMP adds value by consolidating the process and enabling us to publish the data one time, certify that it is accurate, and allocate it where needed to our trading partners." — Samer Shehadeh, EDI Manager, Cooper Industries

"Due to differing channel standards and requirements, we had to reformat the same product data in a completely different manner and load it twice to synchronize it with distributors and retailers. With the DMP, I can load the data just once, and the tool is flexible and more user friendly. It is a huge time saver. For example, using the DMP, I was able to load about 130 items with standardized marketing content, and I did it in about 10 minutes!" "We need one version of the truth for our product data that every department can use. The DMP enables us to store our product information in one place, and it validates the data against industry and global standards based on the channel we send it to. This gives us more time to aggregate detailed, enriched product marketing content and provide it electronically." — Dawn Wright-Perry, Master Data Manager, Milbank

"The DMP will help alleviate the burden of looking through several databases, catalogs, and spec sheets—tying up multiple resources searching for data that’s been requested by our trading partners. We see the DMP as having a tremendous impact on response time. The quicker we can get complete data to our customers, the quicker they can accomplish their goals." — Mark Richards, eCommerce Director, Leviton

"The DMP enables two-way interactions with manufacturers which will make it much more efficient to respond to product data requests in the channel. By using this platform, I can flag products and work with a manufacturer on the product data as if we are sitting at a table face-to-face." — Jason Archbold, Marketing Catalog Supervisor, Border States Electric

"The DMP is a tool I can use to give manufacturers direction on where the gaps are with their product information, and it helps manufacturers to prioritize their time. For example, if Crescent is running a monthly special on 5 items, I can request specific marketing content on just those items and tell the manufacturer how it will be used." — Ron Schlader, V.P. Operations & Quality, Crescent Electric Supply

"In fact, in my opinion, both manufacturers and distributors are really behind that curve. We’re reacting to it instead of being ahead of it, and I think the IDEA platforms and the IDX and the IDW and the Data Management Platform as we talk about our useful tools now in accelerating both manufacturers and distributors getting ahead of the curve to be more progressive and offer faster data and more services, more quickly to more customers." — Del Nickel,

The DMP offers a wide breadth of possibilities for manufacturers and distributors, and each company can choose to leverage the platform in different ways. But there are certain implementation steps that all customers can expect.

  1. You’ll be assigned to an implementation team at IDEA who will help guide you through the process. Each team member, and your company lead(s), will collaborate to get you up and running as quickly as possible.
  2. Your IDEA implementation team will schedule a kick-off meeting with your team to discuss your company goals and find out more about your competitive strategy. We’ll also begin to set mutual expectations, timelines and a general roadmap of what IDEA recommends based on your input.
  3. Then IDEA will ask follow-up questions and provide you with specific examples of how we plan to address your needs. We’ll clearly define the scope of work, the desired end result, and the specific milestones we’ll need to meet along the way.
  4. Finally IDEA will set up your account and go through training with your team – on-site and online options are available.

If you still have questions after reading the answers below, please contact us.

How will the DMP affect current IDW and/or IRD CERICOMX® customers?

The DMP integrates seamlessly with the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) for manufacturers and distributors. For manufacturers, your distributors that use the IDW will have access to the data you populate in the DMP, and your distributor customers that use the DMP will have access to your IDW product information. For distributors, you'll be able to access IDW product information through the DMP.

IRD CERICOMX® customers can continue to use that application to synchronize product information with the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) without interruptions, or can decide to migrate to the DMP to perform the same task and much more. IDEA will help coordinate with your data pool and the GDSN if you decide to switch to the DMP.  The DMP utilizes the 1SYNC data pool for the GDSN synchronization.

Do my trading partners have to be using the DMP to get my product information?

No. With DMP you can set up custom connections (machine-to-machine) or extracts (for manual delivery) to manage your unique needs.

When you start publishing to the DMP, you’ll have access to thousands of trading partners who depend on the IDW and the GDSN for their product information.

How does the DMP affect and integrate with standards?

The DMP supports electrical wholesale and global/GDSN eCommerce standards. IDEA works closely with the IDEA Industry Standards Committee to not only keep up with new standards, but promote and identify new standards topics.

In addition to complying with industry and global standards, the DMP enables you to define your own standards, whether it’s an internal or external trading partner mandate. With DMP, you make the rules.

Is the DMP only for manufacturers or can distributors use the tool as well?

The DMP has a “demand-side” in which distributors can manage and validate the product information they receive from various sources (e.g. the IDW or directly from manufacturers) in one location before importing it into their ERP system and packaging it for end users via various print and online media. With the DMP, distributors can communicate their specific product data needs to manufacturers down to the item level.

Border States Electric and Crescent Electric Supply participated in the 2011 DMP Pilot Program and helped us to make improvements to this version.

How is the DMP different than a product information management (PIM) system?

The DMP is not as complex as a PIM, and unlike a PIM, the DMP has a two-way communication feature that enables a dialogue with your trading partners around your product information. Trading partners can respond back to your published data letting you know its status. If the item is under review it, they can tell you why so you can quickly correct it.

Plus the DMP can validate product information based on industry and global standards. If you’ve already invested in a PIM, the DMP can be an excellent supplement – we’ll work with you to integrate them so you get the best of both worlds.

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