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Integrated with IDEA’s Industry Data Exchange (IDX) network, iConex helps you to maximize ROI, leveraging the existing systems, processes and people that you already have in place with no additional capital investment in hardware or software.

Automate Order Management With Customers that Are Not EDI-Capable:

Despite the proven benefits of eBusiness, many companies lack the financial and technical resources necessary to conduct electronic data interchange (EDI). iConex can help you work more efficiently with customers that are not EDI-capable without forcing your company or your customers to change business processes or invest in new technology and training.

Key Benefits:

  • Convert high volume non-EDI customers to an EDI process
  • Maximize ROI, leveraging your existing systems, processes and people
  • Speed up order cycle times and increase customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate data capture errors with 100% accuracy

What Makes iConex Different:

iConex captures the actual data from the documents transmitted, providing you with 100% data-capture accuracy, unlike an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) order-scanning solutions. Unlike online portals, iConex doesn’t require your customers to spend time re-keying orders into a supplier’s web store. To encourage customers to place orders electronically, you can leverage iConex, which does not require your customers to make any changes to their processes.

Using iConex to automate order management processes with more customers will reduce the amount of manual data entry and error corrections required by your customer service reps, increasing productivity and speeding up order cycle times – a win-win for your company and customers.

Supports a wide variety of document formats and delivery methods
  • Convert high volume manual order customers to an EDI process without forcing them to change their business processes or invest in new technology
  • Seamlessly map various EDI document types such as: Purchase Orders, Order Acknowledgements, Advance Shipping Notices, Invoices, Freight Bills, Remittance Advice and many more
  • Capture computer-generated documents in various formats such as: Excel, Text, PDF, Word, HTML
Captures documents via print drive­ or email
  • Reduce the time your customer service reps spend on manual data entry
  • Speed up order cycle times and increase customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate data capture errors with 100% accuracy
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency over competing technologies, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) order-scanning solutions and online portals
Complimentary turn-around document service
  • Notify customers of successful receipt/acceptance of their order via an electronic acknowledgement
  • Eliminate costly processes associated with credits and adjustments
Seamless integration with IDEA’s IDX Network
  • Maximize ROI, leveraging your existing systems, processes and people – all EDI documents will be delivered to you via IDX
  • Leverage the control and security of IDEA’s Industry Data Exchange (IDX) Network
  • Track and analyze B2B documents using the IDX online document tracker
  • No additional technical training required

iConex, powered by ecmarket’s CONEXIOM™ technology, has over five years of production experience with manufacturers and distributors.

"iConex enables us to convert high volume non-EDI customers to an EDI process with no capital investment, no internal resources and no data errors. The iConex process helps our customer service reps to increase productivity by reducing the time spent on data entry. We truly believe in iConex and think this is a great opportunity to reduce costs and improve customer service" — James Wilkinson, Director of Business Process Management, McNaughton-McKay

"Both our business units and our customers have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the solution, which has given us the confidence to engage in the roll out of CONEXIOM to thousands of our customers worldwide." — Ian MacTavish, IT Manager and Global eBusiness Leader, 3M

Implementing iConex in your company is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. You will receive log-in information for your secure connection to the iConex application, which you can use to quickly set-up new trading partners for the service.
  2. Training will be provided to help walk you through how to subscribe and manage trading partners via the iConex application.
  3. You and your trading partners can start using the service right away!

If you still have questions after reading the answers below, please contact us.

What kind of documents can iConex transform to electronic transactions?
iConex can transform the following documents to electronic transactions: purchase orders (MOST POPULAR), order acknowledgements, advance shipping notices, invoices, freight bills, remittance advice, and point-of-sale reporting. iConex is most commonly used for transforming inbound purchase orders and inbound invoices.
Do you have to be EDI-capable and a current IDX customer to use iConex?
You must have the capability to accept the inbound EDI documents that you are looking to have transformed by iConex. You do not need to be a current IDX customer to use iConex, though the process will be easier for you if you are a current IDX customer. iConex adds value through an integration with the IDX network, providing users with more control, visibility and safeguards.
How is iConex different from other solutions?
iConex fills the gap between EDI and web portals for inbound electronic document processing.
  • Unlike EDI, the sender does not need to have EDI capability.
  • Unlike web portals, the sender does not need to enter their documents twice (once in their own system and a second in a web store).
  • Unlike Optical Character Recognition (OCR) order-scanning solutions, iConex ensures 100% data-capture accuracy.
Who can benefit most from iConex?
If you are a distributor or a manufacturer that currently uses the IDX and has the capability to accept inbound EDI documents, iConex can help you convert all of your high-volume manual entry trading partners to an EDI process while leveraging your existing people, processes and systems for more electronic transactions.
Who pays for the transaction?
iConex is typically paid for by the receiving party that is EDI capable and provided to the sending party that is not EDI capable.
Do I get an order confirmation back in human-readable form?
Yes, you receive an order confirmation back in human-readable form, and, if your business is capable of sending electronic purchase order acknowledgements (EDI 855), iConex can provide a human-readable order acknowledgement as well.
What do I have to get my suppliers or customers to do?
iConex leverages your trading partners’ existing business processes. Trading partners can continue to email documents for processing by iConex, or they can be captured at time-of-printing by the iConex virtual printer.
What hardware/software will I need to install?
None. Orders come in by your existing EDI process.

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