IRD CERICOMX® consolidates all the synchronization tools and services trading partners need to comply with Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and GS1 standards, meet mandates from major players such as Lowe’s, Walmart and Mclane, exchange product information, and streamline processes to do business more efficiently.

IDEA's user-friendly interface software provides supply partners the tools they need to register and publish their product catalogs to the GDSN via the 1WorldSync™ GS1-certified Data Pool , creating a standardized and centralized connection between supply and demand partners in industries such as retail, hardware and consumer packaged goods.

Key benefits

  • Comply with retail mandates and global data synchronization standards
  • Publish your product catalogs to GDSN-enabled demand partners quickly and efficiently
  • Sell your products through top retailers worldwide

IRD CERICOMX® creates a bridge between supply and demand partners by delivering an environment in which suppliers can upload their product catalogs through the 1WorldSync™ Data Pool using our templates. The product information is then registered in the GDSN and ready to be published to authorized demand partners. Supply partners can use IRD CERICOMX® to publish their catalogs to demand partners and communicate with them until the catalog is accepted and synchronized successfully.

IRD CERICOMX® helps trading partners in industries such as retail, hardware and consumer packaged goods (CPG) synchronize product information while lowering the costs of buying and selling goods. Our proven solution is the industry leader because it’s user-friendly, cost-effective, feature-rich and fully supported by a group of highly experienced data synchronization experts.

Complete synchronization solution
Satisfy demand partner mandates
  • Get help meeting Lowe's, Walmart, McLane and other demand partner mandates without interrupting your go-to-market strategy
Centralized product information
  • Synchronize product information in one location, accessible by authorized demand partners and your internal departments, for consistency throughout your supply chain
Flexible item referencing and search capabilities 
  • Locate items by catalog number, GTIN, or other methods, enabling access by various audiences
Unlimited items, item attributes and demand partners
  • Store as much data as you need and make it accessible to as many customers as you like
  • Synchronize everything from basic transactional product information to more robust marketing information that can help differentiate your products

  • Comply with both global and and industry-specific standards
  • Ensure quality data and virtually eliminate errors
Easy to use
  • Get up and running with industry-leading support and minimal training
Complimentary training
  • Access our live online weekly training webinars and on-demand eLearning module as many times as you need
End-to-end support and full-time help desk
  • Access help from your dedicated account manager to get up and running
  • Take advantage of our Data Management Service (DMS) to outsource your data synchronization processes to IDEA

24/7 availability
  • Go global with product information that's accessible to authorized demand partners anytime, anywhere
Industry-wide interoperability
  • Synchronize product information with trading partners regardless of what data pool or software they use
Regular updates and enhancements
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing IDEA's only goal is the reliable, flawless exchange of product and pricing information among trading partners
  • Access consistent and regular upgrades and product enhancements from a company dedicated to data synchronization and your business needs

Many trading partners assume that the best deals they'll get are the ones they find and manage themselves. But when you access synchronization capabilities through IRD CERICOMX®, you will save on the time and money it would cost to broker separate deals for software, 1WorldSync™ Data Pool access, and GDSN membership. Ease of use, accompanied with our support team, will get your products to market as fast as possible. ­

IRD CERICOMX® takes the pain out of data sync.

Our prices are highly competitive with—and consistently lower than—other providers. You'll receive so much more value when you switch to IRD CERICOMX® through:

  • User-friendly software with features and benefits you can't find anywhere else
  • Seamless connectivity, interoperability, and compliance with other data pools
  • Consistent product enhancements and upgrades from a company with a dedicated focus on data synchronization
  • Complete training and on-boarding assistance at no extra cost
  • Industry compliance with GDSN, GS1 and other global standards
  • Help with meeting retailer mandates before the deadline
  • Certified and integrated with 1WorldSync™, the data pool of choice for leading retailers
  • Unlimited item input and demand partner access
  • Outsource your data synchronization processes to IDEA with our Data Management Service (DMS)

IDEA makes the GDSN implementation process easy. There is no need for new software or hardware with IRD CERICOMX® because you can access everything you need online. You don't even need to go through the process of becoming certified with the GDSN—we take care of that for you so you can Unleash the power of e right away.

Here's how to get up and running on IRD CERICOMX®:

  1. Supply us with the information and authorizations required to get on board. 
  2. IDEA handles all the details of setting you up with 1WorldSync™ and GDSN through our no-hassle start-up process.
  3. IDEA assigns an account manager to your company to help you prepare your data to meet mandatory requirements.
  4. Access training through our weekly IRD training webinars and on-demand eLearning module, if needed.
  5. Load product information into IRD using the most common method, via Flat File using Excel, or by using your established data format such as XML or EDI. If your data is not currently in a structured format, you can enter it into the system using our smart-sheet Excel templates or directly in the web application.
  6. Register your data with 1WorldSync™ through IRD CERICOMX®.
  7. Publish your data to the demand partners you do business with and start realizing the benefits of synchronization with IRD CERICOMX®!

To implement IRD you don’t need any new hardware or software. All you need is:

  • Computer or server
  • Current web browser
  • Internet connection
  • Ability to create Flat Files, EDI, XML, or any other structured format files. For suppliers with data in unstructured formats, we supply templates that you can fill out to meet mandates, comply with standards, and conduct business electronically.

If you're not sure whether you have the above requirements, chances are that you do. Give us a call at and we'll help you figure it out.

IRD is one of the most feature-rich values available to help supply and demand partners optimize their business processes.


IRD CERICOMX®  is a data synchronization platform that supply partners can use to synchronize product catalogs with demand-side trading partners such as Lowe's, Walmart and McLane. This online application is used to register and publish product information through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) via the 1WorldSync™ Data Pool. With IRD CERICOMX®, supply and demand partners come together to buy and sell electronically, using standards-based product information that reduces errors and their associated costs.

What makes IRD CERICOMX® better than other solutions?

When you synchronize your data through IRD CERICOMX®, we register your production information through the 1WorldSync™ Data Pool—a standards-based collaborative community of trading partners with the highest number of customers implemented within the GDSN. More than 8,000 manufacturers and retailers count on 1WorldSync™ to help streamline their transactions, including Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Walmart, Target, Mclane, Sears and many other leading firms. IRD CERICOMX® brings the benefits of 1WorldSync™ and GDSN together for you in one solution, saving significant costs over other methods of data pool access. Furthermore, IRD CERICOMX® makes it easier for you by providing a feature no one else has—an item referencing capability that allows you to look up products by the GTIN, product number, catalog number, and your own customized search criteria. This makes searches easier for those who are referencing a catalog or another method to find your product. The IRD CERICOMX® interface is very user friendly to accommodate users at all levels, and your account manager helps you every step of the way in getting set-up and running. IDEA’s user-friendly technology, stellar support and quick set-up are just a couple reasons why Lowe’s, Walmart, Wegmans, McLane, AAFES, Premier Health, Dot Foods and many others commonly recommend IDEA to their suppliers.

Why should I trust IDEA over other vendors?

IDEA is a GS1 US Certified Solution Partner and has certified IRD CERICOMX® to be compliant to the GS1 System standards. We offer data synchronization implementation solutions that are tested, proven and ready for use by your company. IRD CERICOMX® is known throughout the industry as the leading solution for data synchronization. With over 1,000 satisfied customers, a half million GTINs in production, and more than 10 years of experience in data synchronization, IRD CERICOMX® is one of the most proven and reliable solutions out there. In addition, our entire organization is built around adhering to and even creating standards. You won’t find a company more committed to quality data than IDEA.

Do I need to be EDI-enabled to use IRD CERICOMX®?

No. If a company is not EDI capable, XML and Flat File formats may be used. In addition, we provide web form templates based on commonly used transaction sets. Just enter your information and we’ll map it into EDI and process it. 

I need data synchronization now. How can I expedite the process to meet my retailer’s mandate by the deadline?

IDEA offers a Data Management Service (DMS) exclusively to IRD CERICOMX® users. It gives suppliers that are requested to comply with GDSN® standards and/or demand-side mandates, the option to outsource the data synchronization process to IDEA – allowing you more time to focus on what you do best. IDEA manages your product catalogs and notifies you on the status of the items including when they are published and synchronized with demand-side partners. If you need data synchronization now, contact us and we can help make it happen.

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