Standards Adoption

Standards drive synchronization and synchronization drives efficie­ncy. Standardized data transmits through the supply chain quickly and without error. Our solutions are built on a strong standards-based foundation to help trading partners speak one common language.

All of the standards approved by the IDEA Industry Standards Commitee can be used by the public and are available on the IDEA Portal. Here are some resources that can help you start adopting standards today:

Standards Adoption case study

IDEAL and Kirby Risk both credit IDEA’s Standards Adoption as a top reason why they are able to build a strong foundation to optimize performance, increase electronic activity and automate more of their business processes. Read success story>

Net Price Synchronization eLearning Module

Our Net Price Synchronization eLearning Module presents the benefits of synchronizing net price (i.e. the agreed upon price a demand partner will pay a supply partner for a product) and the standardized options IDEA provides to facilitate a more efficient exchange. Take the training>

Attribute Schema eLearning Module

The Attribute Schema eLearning Module provides an overview of the Electrical Attribute Schema benefits, walks through the schema components, and explains how manufacturers and distributors can apply a standardized set of product descriptors to their business model. Take the training>

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