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Integrated with IDEA's Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) and pre-populated with manufacturer-approved product data, the iCIMM2 web storefront software can help you quickly build your online catalogs and differentiate your products from competitors.

Rich, Accurate Product Content:

Through integration with the IDW, iCIMM2 is continually updated as manufacturers make changes to their product data. This means you will always have access to the most up-to-date and accurate product information, allowing you to easily manage your own online catalog content and integrate it with your ERP system.

Key Benefits:

  • Expect quick turnaround time due to industry-specific knowledge and seamless IDW integration
  • Increase speed-to-market by taking control of your eCommerce website
  • Provide full compatibility with all browsers and mobile devices
  • Personalize the user experience with customer-specific catalogs, pricing and featured items

User-Friendly Search and Ordering Navigation:

Buyers can easily search your iCIMM2 web storefront to find products by using the software's flexible search and viewing options. Your buyers can also create a user profile to save and access their buying preferences at any time. The iCIMM2 can then capture your buyers' preferences upon login so their future shopping experiences can be more personalized.

The iCIMM2 software enables you to manage your catalog content, publish multiple versions of the content to various media, and provide robust search engine capabilities to your customers.

Seamless integration with the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW)
  • Develop a fully-functional web storefront in as little as 12 weeks
  • Pre-populate your web storefront with manufacturer-approved product data
  • Reduce order errors by syncing your web storefront with the IDW so that you always have the most up-to-date product data
Integration with external systems and software
  • Forge a seamless connection between the iCIMM2 and your ERP system - currently integrated with Epicor Eclipse, Infor SX Enterprise, JD Edwards, Netsuite, and more
  • Send web orders directly to your ERP system once confirmed
  • Enable freight calculation and payments to be made in one complete transaction without manual intervention - currently integrated with UPS and FedEx, and Bank of America, PayPal, Google Checkout, Element, eSelectPlus, Monaris, etc.
Flexible product searching, sorting and viewing
  • Buyers have the option to use: free-text search, shop by brand, search by part number/UPC or navigate by category
  • Buyers can create and save product favorite lists
  • Buyers can easily compare products side-by-side and review the similarities and differences
  • Deliver an excellent user experience regardless of which web browser or mobile device the buyer is using
Customer-specific catalogs, pricing and featured items
  • Create subsets of your master catalogs containing only items relevant to the buyer
  • Customize prices and featured items based on secure logins and zip codes
Easy ordering capabilities
  • Encourage repeat orders from your buyers by enabling them to create and save shopping carts to simplify reoccurring orders
  • Customers can place quick orders using the part # or UPC
  • Automate credit checks and order confirmation emails
Punch-out catalog capabilities
  • Buyers can access your catalogs and check out through SAP, Ariba and other external systems
Powerful back-end content management system
  • Develop a consistent brand experience by integrating your static website with the iCIMM2
  • Increase speed-to-market time by controlling your content with the user-friendly WYSIWYG interface and publishing updates in real time
  • Track website analytics and shopper behavior

Distributors, such as Mayer Electric Supply, North Coast Electric, Werner Electric, and Van Meter use iCIMM2 to manage and enhance their online catalog content and web storefronts.

"I knew we needed to enhance our eCommerce capabilities quickly, and when I found out that IDEA and Unilog were teaming up to provide a web storefront solution pre-populated with IDW data, it was a slam dunk! I’ve been impressed with the quick turnarounds and responsiveness of the implementation team, and would definitely recommend this solution to other electrical distributors" — Barry Carden, VP and CIO, Mayer Electric Supply

If you still have questions please contact us.

  • Is iCIMM2 compatible with ERP systems, such as Epicor, Eclipse, Infor SX Enterprise, JD Edwards and NetSuite?
  • Is the back-end system easy to manage and, if I make a change, will the change reflect immediately on my website?
  • Can I pull custom pricing from my ERP system without having to duplicate it in iCIMM2, and vice versa?
  • Can I have different pricing for different customer log-ins?
  • Is this software available for mobile?
  • Can I manage everything in my ERP system and have it updated in iCIMM2?
  • Can I load items in addition to those in the IDW?

Yes, Yes, Yes &… Yes!

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