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This Week in IDEA | April 26, 2013

Hubbell Senior Execs Promote IDW Focus

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Hubbell’s new President and CEO, David Nord, and Chairman of the Board, Timothy Powers, discuss “One Hubbell” strategic objectives in the 2012 Hubbell Incorporated leadership message and annual report. The first of those objectives is “Serving Our Customers.” Hubbell mentions how they use the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) to provide robust product data to their customers as one way to reach this objective. Here’s an excerpt from their annual report:

One Hubbell – Serving Our Customers

Our Company takes pride in being known in the market for providing reliable electrical solutions. In today’s market, competitive advantage is often derived from how you do business, accretive to the value of the products sold to a customer. This understanding has fostered an array of “soft products” we use to build customer loyalty. These include electronic connections with our key customers; providing seamless order entry and invoicing, instant access to our inventory, current order and shipping status; and helping manage their Hubbell inventories with automatic product replenishments. In addition, with online commerce shaping new business models, the need for product information is becoming as important as the product itself. This is a primary reason why Hubbell has worked hard to supply product details, images and specifications to an industry-sponsored data warehouse (IDW), where our channel partners can download and utilize this information to promote Hubbell products on their websites. The supply of this unique data and long history of electronic commerce initiatives proved rewarding as Hubbell received the 2012 Richard Buzun Award from IDEA, an industry organization owned equally by leading electrical manufacturers (NEMA) and electrical distributors (NAED). The award recognizes one manufacturer each year for its leadership and accomplishments in eBusiness.

The additional “One Hubbell” objectives include: Operating with Discipline, Growing the Enterprise and Developing our People. You can find out more about Hubbell’s 2012 accomplishments and strategic direction by watching their leadership message and reading their annual report.

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