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"The networking opportunities at this event are second to none. I know of nowhere else where you can get a relatively clear vision of where the industry is heading on multiple fronts, not just solely from a technological aspect."
Kyle Johnson, Marketing Manager, Viking Electric Supply

"IDEA is making a difference. It just takes time, perseverance, patience, and good leadership."
Greg Thrall, Vice President of Operations, Border States

"The E-Biz Forum brings eBusiness leaders and topics together in an event that is unmatched by any other format. The opportunity to network and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry is extremely valuable."
Jason Archbold, Catalog Marketing Specialist, Border States

"The Forum was very well done - I was impressed. It gets better every year."
Jack Schmitz, System Analyst , Border States

"It is always exhilarating to spend time with professionals who deal with common eCommerce challenges every day. I don't have any equivalent in my work at a very small distributor."
Steven Dorst, IT Manager, Laner Electric Supply

"Simply put, the timing is right. We are all trying to move in the same direction with the same challenges. Working together we can achieve our goals of providing outstanding customer service, which translates into more profitable business."
Jim Lorch, E-Business Specialist, Viking Electric Supply

"An informative and educational experience which allows attendees to gain valuable, face-to-face, work-related networking skills."
Ron Sgarlata, EDI/eCommerce Director, Steiner Electric Company

"The IDEA E-Biz Forum has so much to offer companies committed to making strides in e-commerce. The knowledge you gain from industry experts and the networking opportunities are second to none."
Tammy Paters, Pricing Manager, ISC Vice Chair, Werner Electric Supply Co.

"I went to the Forum to get the opportunity to more fully understand IDEA and what the future looks like. It certainly reaffirmed how important information and its flow are to the future of our business - it was well worth the trip."
Burke Herring, President, Womack Electric & Supply Co., Inc.


"Cost of the Forum- $595.00. Cost of the hotel- $129.00. Cost of meetin­g and interacting with the people who can help your business and solve problems- priceless.­"
Mark Richards, Director of eCommerce, Leviton Manufacturing Co.

"The session by Tim Sanders was inspirational as an eye opener to the fact t­hat not sharing information can be a crutch to your company rather than a strong suit."
Tina Holly, Data Quality & Systems Admin, Thomas & Betts

"The Forum provides excellent networking opportunities. I was able to speak one­-on-one with industry partners to address issues we are having. I was also able to learn from the struggles of my industry peers. And maybe next year, they can learn from me."
Brenda Maxwell, IT Manager, Acuity Brands Lighting

"Great networking and learning experence. It's all about the people and knowledge shared."
DeAnna Cox, EDI Coordinator , Milbank Manufacturing

"It was a nice learning experience and the last speaker, Dan Clark, was very inspiring."
Tina Holly, Global Data and Systems Administrator , Thomas & Betts Corporation

"As a first year attendee, I thought the IDEA E-Biz Forum was both informative and rewarding. It helps provide a good view of the electrical industry’s direction and helped to benchmark our company’s current direction with our initiatives."
Richard Brooks, Program Manager of eBusiness & Emerging Technologies, BURNDY

"The Forum is a great place to network with the distributors I often communicate with via email/phone. Also great opportunity to find out our distributors' eCommerce needs in the industry."
Mandy Hritz, eCommerce Integration Specialist, Eaton Corporation

"Not a forum goes by that I don't meet someone that I have spoken with or corresponded with and now develop a better working relationship because of the personal networking that goes on here. Problems are usually solved on the spot!!"
Lorraine Mott, Project Leader eCommerce, Cooper Crouse-Hinds

"Each year I meet more people and a network is starting to form of people sharing information regarding common tasks, interests and goals. The Forum is great for business."
Beverly Malone, Programmer Analyst, ERICO

"It was great! The location, the hotel, the networking opportunities, the presentations were all outstanding!!"
Ann Adams, Channel Operations, SQD Schneider Electric

"A great event! Invigorating general speakers and inspiring session leaders."
Angela LiVolsi, eCommerce Marketing Analyst - Data Sync Specialist, Philips Lighting Electronics N.A.

"One of the best industry events focused on the benefits of e-Business for our industry. The active participation of industry leaders from manufacturers, distributors and technology suppliers facilitates a balanced perspective on key topics."
Phil Barrios, Sr. Director, eBusiness, Hubbell Inc.

"The Forum gets better each year, which I attribute to IDEA's ability to be as dynamic as eCommerce itself."
Mark Richards, Director of e-Commerce, Leviton Mfg Co.

Service Providers

"The Forum acts on two fronts: advancing eCommerce in the electrical industry, and keeping participants abreast of the latest developments and related technologies."
Milos Jancik, President, M. Jancik Consulting Inc.

"The topics were relevant and well prepared. I found myself having to choose between two topics held at the same time on several occasions throughout the event which indicates the quality of the material."
Angela Baraks, Director of Sales & Marketing, DATAgility

"The Tech Center is the center of all the action. It is the one place where every exhibitor has a chance to meet with key decision makers and showcase their products and services. Year after year it has been hugely beneficial for Unilog, and we have come away with more business than we had going in."
Suchit Bachalli, Vice President Sales , Unilog Content Solutions

"The Forum is time well spent for our company. We have one-on-one time with our customers and potential customers as well as learning the pain points the industry is facing in regards to data quality."
Angela Baraks, Director Data Sync Services , DATAgility, Inc.

"It was an eye opening experience to learn the real challenges of the electrical industry."
Srini Rangaswamy, Product Manager, WebSphere Commerce, IBM Corporation

"Well Run, intimate meeting, a step-apart from the average HUGE industry events."
Elizabeth LaBarbera, Senior Account Manager, SMP

"The passport program increased the traffic flow to our booth. We had several companies interested in our services and have received new business as a result of our participation in this event. We will definitely return next year."
Denise Keating, President, DATAgility

"The IDEA E-Biz Forum is a nice place to connect with current customers and prospect new contacts all while learning more about the electrical industry. IDEA gives its customers an avenue to advanced business practices that add financial benefits to our organizations."
Tom Hoar, Director of Sales, Datalliance

"This is the third E-Biz Forum that I have attended and I get something new out of each one. The networking opportunities that I get from an event like this allows me to reach companies that I might not have had the chance to if I didn’t attend."
Sal Huerta, National Sales Manager, NetPricer