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This Week in IDEA | June 4, 2008

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New IDEA, IDW, IDX and IDEA IRD Customers

IDEA announces one new IDEA customer, a new IDW and IDX customer and 22 new IDEA IRD customers. Read more about these companies and how you can begin trading with them electronically to expand your business.

New IDEA Customer

Electric Motor Shop & Supply, from Fresno, CA, became an IDEA customer on May 25, 2008. They will depend on Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) for their product and pricing data needs. Founded in 1913, Electric Motor Shop & Supply is an industrial electrical service and supply organization serving central California. They are a proud member of NAED and Equity EDN. Find out more at Welcome aboard!

New IDW Customer

DESCO, Inc., from Salisbury, NC, recently expanded their eCommerce services. They will now rely on Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) for their product, pricing data needs. DESCO is an electrical distributor serving North Carolina in six locations. Find out more at  

New IDX Customer

Cooper B-Line, from Highland, Illinois, recently expanded their eCommerce services. They will now take advantage of the cost savings and reliability of Industry Data Exchange (IDX) for their electronic document interchange (EDI) needs. Cooper B-Line is a leading manufacturer of quality support systems and enclosures for the mechanical, electrical and telecommunications industries. Cooper B-Line's products are used in a variety of settings for the commercial, industrial, utility and OEM markets. Find out more at  

New IDEA IRD Customers

IDEA, a 1SYNC Data Pool On-Board Solution (OBS) partner, implements suppliers that subscribe to the 1SYNC data pool using IDEA's IRD CERICOMX® application. IDEA was recently assigned 22 suppliers:

These companies will be trained to use IRD CERICOMX®, an IDEA branded product for supporting and uploading supplier product information into the GS1 Registry® and GDSN via the 1SYNC Data Pool.

If you would like to find out more about the CERICOMX® product, please contact , IRD Product & Customer Support Manager, at .

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IDEA Announces Directors and Officers for 2008- 2009

The IDEA Board of Directors elected David J. FitzGibbon, President and CEO of ILSCO Corporation in Cincinnati, OH, as the IDEA Chairman of the Board for 2008-2009. FitzGibbon served as the IDEA Vice-Chairman from 2007-2008. He is also a member of the NEMA Board of Governors, NEMA Executive Committee and NAED Associates Advisory Council.


“I am excited and optimistic for the 2008-2009 year. I will ensure IDEA stays on the fast track to achieve data synchronization and better trading partner relationships in the channel,” said FitzGibbon.


Outgoing IDEA Chairman, Todd Kumm, CEO, Dakota Supply Group, served this position from 2007-2008. Kumm has served on the IDEA Board since 1999 and he will remain on the 2008-2009 Board as a voting director. He is also a member of the NAED Board of Directors.


“It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as the IDEA Chairman after actively participating on the Board for eight preceding years. 2007-2008 was a year of great change and accomplishment. IDEA made important strides toward the vision of data synchronization,” said Kumm. “It was a privilege to work with such a dedicated and supportive Board and I look forward to continuing our journey together in 2008-2009 to achieve data sync.”


“IDEA received great momentum from the 2007-2008 Board and I am confident that momentum will only increase this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our past and present Board members for their service. This year we will celebrate a significant milestone, IDEA’s 10 Year Anniversary, thanks to your leadership,” said Bob Gaylord, President and CEO, IDEA.


The 2008-2009 IDEA Officers:


David J. FitzGibbon, IDEA Chairman – President and CEO, ILSCO Corporation
Ron Schlader, IDEA Vice Chairman - VP Operations and Quality, Crescent Electric Supply
Larry Stern, IDEA Treasurer – President and CEO, Standard Electric Supply (WI)
Del Nickel, IDEA Secretary - President and CEO, Hoffman Enclosures
Robert Gaylord, IDEA President – President and CEO, IDEA


The 2008-2009 IDEA Board of Directors are:


Phil Barrios, Corporate Director eBusiness, Hubbell, Inc.
David J. FitzGibbon, President and CEO, ILSCO Corporation
Valerie Jones, Manager National Customer Service Center, OSRAM SYLVANIA
Todd Kumm, CEO, Dakota Supply Group
Del Nickel, President and CEO, Hoffman Enclosures
Ron Schlader, VP Operations and Quality, Crescent Electric Supply
Larry Stern, President and CEO, Standard Electric Supply (WI)
James Tinker, Manager, Master File Maintenance Office, Rexel, Inc.
Joe Wallace, Pricing Manager, Van Meter Industrial
Bernie Westapher, Group VP Marketing and Sales, Panduit Corporation


The 2008-2009 Non-voting Directors:


Tom Naber, President, National Association of Electrical Distributors
Evan Gaddis, President, National Electrical Manufacturers Association
Robert Gaylord, President and CEO, IDEA


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IDEA Launches 1-on-1 Introductory Training Sessions

IDEA’s customer service department recently launched introductory training sessions for all new customers. These sessions are designed to provide new customers or customers signing up for an additional service with the initial information they need to successfully implement and utilize IDEA services. They will focus on Industry Data Warehouse, Industry Data Exchange and the IDEA Customer Portal.


The introductory training program will help ease new customers into data synchronization and eCommerce, providing them with step-by-step instructions on the implementation process and beyond. Some topics covered in the training include:


  • Account Manager Introduction
  • Implementation Process Overview
  • Service Overview
  • Application Overview
  • Training Resources
  • Next Steps and Recommendations


Account managers will set up these 1-on-1 meetings immediately after a company signs up to become an IDEA customer or expands their IDEA services. Each session will last an average of 30 minutes.


Please contact your account manager or send an email to   to find out more.


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Annual Tech Center Amps Up for September

The Tech Center passport program is returning to the IDEA E-Biz Forum 2008. This year attendees will have the opportunity to collect passport stamps from each vendor to enter to win an iPod Touch. Three attendees will receive this prize at the close of the Forum.

The Tech Center is a mini-tradeshow where technology companies can demonstrate their products and meet 1-on-1 with prospective clients. The Tech Fair, in conjunction with the Welcome Reception, will kick-off the IDEA E-Biz Forum. Technical and software companies have an expanded opportunity to meet with Forum participants and demonstrate innovative products and services for the duration of the event.

Exhibitors to date:

Find out more about the Tech Center exhibitors.

Interested in showing off your technology? Find out more about the Tech Center and contact at to reserve your booth today. Don’t delay… rates increase June 30th!

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Did You Know? IDW Hot Facts

Are you ever concerned about catching your manufacturers' changes as soon as they happen, rather than waiting for your weekly updates? To see what your manufacturers are up to, you can create a recurring Load Summary Report and have it pushed to your inbox daily. You can set this up by taking the following steps:


  1. Go to the Reports, Maintenance tab
  2. Click New
  3. Fill out the forms
  4. Check the Limit by Date Range box
  5. In the Dates tab, click the Number of Days radio button
  6. Select the value to 1 and leave the End Date blank
  7. On the Schedule tab, check the Recurring radio button, and every day of the week.


Now you can rest easy knowing you will always have your supplier’s most up-to-date product and pricing information.


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