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This Week in IDEA | November 29, 2012

IDEA Releases Supply Chain Analytics Tool for the IDW: Request a Demo Today

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New tool empowers manufacturers to evaluate and improve product data­ quality from a distributor’s perspective

You may remember we featured a sneak peek of this tool in an earlier issue, and Supply Chain Analytics is now officially released. You can email to learn more and/or request a personal demo to find out how your product data stacks up.

Supply Chain Analytics is a tool that evaluates a manufacturer’s product data in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) based on guidelines and best practices developed by the IDEA Industry Standards Committee (ISC).

“We want to empower manufacturers to measure and improve the quality of their product data and encourage them to provide more robust content to their trading partners. This new tool goes beyond the traditional data validation rules and helps answer the question, ‘is this data useable?’ And if not, the manufacturer can drill down to find out why and correct the specific errors at their source,” said Bob Gaylord, President and CEO, IDEA.

Supply Chain Analytics provides a quantitative assessment of each manufacturer’s product data in the IDW based on critical fields that have been selected and weighted according to their importance to distributors. The manufacturer’s “scores” will be private and only available to them upon secure login.

The tool has multiple views which can be used by individuals with different roles within a manufacturing company. Users can access an executive summary dashboard, drill down to pinpoint specific data quality issues, and export the errors so that they can fix the core problem in their business system.

Rockwell Automation is the first manufacturer to leverage Supply Chain Analytics throughout their business. Hundreds of Rockwell product managers around the globe are now using the tool to proactively monitor and improve their data quality.

To learn more about this new tool, please contact or request a personal demo.

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