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Wholesale Manufacturers' Reps

Spend more time on sales with IDEA.

Paper-based processes, data entry headaches, and problems with invoices all take time and focus away from your primary goal—selling merchandise. And with each manufacturer you represent, those issues compound.

With global competition on the rise, you need to be as competitive as possible to survive. IDEA helps make that happen with eCommerce products and services that are affordable, easy to use, and deliver powerful, time-saving benefits:

  • Eliminate errors from the sales process, resulting in less work and stronger relationships
  • Automate time-consuming manual processes so they don't eat into your selling time
  • Gain immediate, one-stop, online access to product information to assist in selling
  • Stay better informed by centralizing information and exchanging it in near real-time
  • Lower the costs of doing business by simplifying every step of your sales process

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IDEA and industry standards

IDEA helps make eCommerce more reliable by setting standards that result in immaculate data throughout the supply network.