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Manufacturers have multiple options for information delivery, including fax, email, catalogues, and CDs. But with those opportunities also comes a challenge—the utter chaos of managing information across multiple resources, often resulting in confusion, errors, and wasted time.

IDEA's eCommerce products and services can put an end to all of the chaos by giving you a single, centralized hub from which to relay product information and communicate with your trading partners. We help take the cost and difficulty out of conducting business electronically so you can:

  • Reinforce your customers' desire to do business with you by making their processes easier and more cost-effective
  • Eliminate errors from the process by ensuring your trading partners have the most timely information
  • Strengthen supply network partnerships by delivering standardized, certified, and easily accessible product information
  • Forge a seamless link to trading partners wherein your data is compatible with their business systems—without either of you investing in new hardware or software
  • Increase your profits by eliminating wasted time and costs, while opening yourself to greater, more global sales opportunities

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IDEA and industry standards

IDEA helps make eCommerce more reliable by setting standards that result in immaculate data throughout the supply network.

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