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Maximize your profits and minimize wasted time.

The two biggest time drains for distributors are having to retrieve product and pricing information from multiple resources and then having to correct the purchasing errors that occur as a result. With narrow profit margins and increasing global competition, you simply can no longer afford to support process inefficiencies.


IDEA makes it easy for you access all the product information you need from a centralized location. In fact, you can realize a .5% to 2.5% increase in profits merely by accessing all your manufacturer product data through IDEA. Here are a few of the ways we help make you more productive and profitable:

  • Receive information from any manufacturer in a format that is compatible with your business system—no additional data entry needed
  • Reduce errors (and the time it takes to correct them) by automating labor-intensive manual processes
  • Save the time it takes to match POs to invoices by doing it electronically and working solely on an exception basis
  • Increase sales opportunities by working on a more global basis and having more time to cultivate prospects
  • Refocus your workforce and improve efficiencies across the board

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IDEA and industry standards

IDEA helps make eCommerce more reliable by setting standards that result in immaculate data throughout the supply network.