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Take the pain out of the sales process.

More and more, your customers are demanding that you supply standardized product and pricing data. But that's hard to do when your internal systems—buying, marketing, invoicing—all have a different way of describing your products.

IDEA helps you make your data more of an asset to your organization by delivering one of the industry's most affordable and effective solutions to:

  • Ensure that the data you send to your customers satisfies their requirements, including GDSN compliances
  • Standardize your data so that it's expressed consistently throughout your organization and supply network
  • Communicate seamlessly with others in the supply network, regardless of what systems and software they use
  • Centralize your data so that the most recent information is always easy to access
  • Reduce the costs of communicating and doing business with your supply network, even if you're already eCommerce enabled

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IDEA and industry standards

IDEA helps make eCommerce more reliable by setting standards that result in immaculate data throughout the supply network.