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This Week in IDEA | October 20, 2011

Electrical eCommerce Standards Resources

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The IDEA Industry Standards Committee (ISC) is dedicated to publishing industry created and/or approved standards in order to help trading partners speak one common language and optimize business processes. The updated Sta­ndards Resources page on the main IDEA website features a search application where standards, white paper guidelines, and templates can be found and sorted according to standard type, name, or application (IDX, IDW, etc). The search application is also available through the IDEA Customer Portal under "Standards". With regard to its commitment to the industry, the ISC makes a variety of standards resources available for download. The documents that are not hyperlinked in the search window require an IDEA Portal customer login to access and download. If you need help logging in to the IDEA Portal, please contact your account manager directly or email .

Key documents:

  • IDEA Electrical Attribute Schema V2.0: To enhance sales/marketing efforts and differentiate products, the Schema V2.0 is based on the global UNSPSC® product categorization system and enables manufacturers to communicate standardized product descriptors to trading partners through IDEA’s data synchronization platforms.
  • IDEA PDD 05.02.00: Learn how to best populate data in the IDW by reviewing the Product Descriptor Database, which outlines the format and structure in which data should be submitted.
  • 05 – 1SYNC Data Requirements Guide DPv4.0: A great resource for IRD CERICOMX®  users that provides detailed definitions and notes for 1SYNC Data Requirements.
  • EDI Pro: A set of electrical industry specific subsets/guidelines to the ASC X12 EDI Standards, intended to facilitate easier implementation when establishing EDI with trading partners across the industry.

If you have a need for a new standard, white paper guideline or edits/additions to existing standards, please complete the Standards Development Request Form and send to . Each request will be carefully reviewed and considered for implementation by the ISC Executive Committee.

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