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This Week in IDEA | October 20, 2011

IDEA Industry Standards Committee Members Recognized at 2011 E-Biz Forum

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On Wednesday September 28th, during the general session at the E-Biz Forum in St. Louis, MO, Mindy Michalski, Project Manager, Rockwell Automation, was recognized by Bob Gaylord, President and CEO of IDEA and Mary Shaw, Director of Standards, for her dedication and service to the electrical channel and the IDEA Industry Standards Committee.

Bob Gaylord announced, “When you look within a group, and particularly at Mindy, you’ll hear her very quietly say something and everybody will stop to listen. Whether she has a leadership position within that meeting or not, she commands a leadership presence because she is well respected by h­er peers for her technical knowledge and is widely known as the EDI expert. As she moves on to other adventures and challenges within Rockwell, IDEA and the ISC family wish her all the best and thank her for all the contributions she’s made to the channel.”

Mindy has been involved with global standards development since 1988, when NEMA managed the eComm Division EDI committee. When NEMA then turned standards development over to IDEA, Mindy continued to be a key contributor to the team. Her efforts on EDI transactions and X12 have had widespread influence throughout the industry and she has held many leadership positions on the ISC.

­Mindy shared, “I can’t express the gratitude that I have for the opportunity to meet each and every one of you. All of your contributions over the years have been fantastic, and I truly appreciate all of your efforts. Because it’s not just me, it’s everyone working together that truly makes a difference in our industry.”

Also recognized at the E-Biz Forum during the ISC Meeting were:

  • Chris Long, Graybar Electric Company, Inc., for his service as Vice Chair of Product Information Subcommittee
  • Tammy Paters, Cooper Industries, for her service as Vice Chair of ISC.
  • Ann Jaehn, Thomas & Betts, was welcomed as new Vice Chair of ISC.
  • Brenda Maxwell, Acuity Brands Lighting, was welcomed as new Chair of B2B Communications subcommittee

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