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This Week in IDEA | October 20, 2011

Innovative Manufacturers Prepare for Digital Success

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Content courtesy of electroindustry magazine.

In this lean economy, manufacturers are finding themselves fighting a digital battle as distributors and retailers clamor for more and better product information to satisfy information-thirsty, mobile-enabled purchasers. As eCommerce competition rages on, many electrical manufacturers are finding some of their biggest challenges to be within: hidden away in the quiet recesses of their own product data and processes.

Sonia Coleman, marketing and web consultant, interviewed pilot participants of IDEA’s new Data Management Platform (DMP) on how this solution is helping them streamline processes and save time. Samer Shehadeh, EDI Manager, Cooper Industries, said, “Creating one source of your product information, automating it through a certified data management platform and synchronizing it to multiple channels at one time – now that’s a game changer.” Find out more about the DMP in this month’s electroindustry magazine article.

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