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This Week in IDEA | October 20, 2011

Access Forum Presentations and Resources Online

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The IDEA E-Biz Forum 2011 presentations, photos, videos, and reviews are now accessible through the Forum Resources page. The Forum materials are available for everyone to use for informational purposes, but they are best used as a supplemental resource to the live presentations given at the event. Save the date for the 2012 Forum on September 25-27th in Dallas, TX so that you can maximize our Forum resources. Be sure to read Electrical Marketing’s article "IDEA E-Biz Forum Charges Up Tech Crowd" for a review and summary of the event.

What 2011 attendees are saying:

  • “The networking opportunities at this event are second to none. I know of nowhere else where you can get a relatively clear vision of where the industry is heading on multiple fronts, not just solely from a technological aspect.”
  • “The topics were relevant and well prepared. I found myself having to choose between two topics held at the same time on several occasions throughout the event which indicates the quality of the material.”
  • “Great networking and learning experience. It's all about the people and knowledge shared.”
  • “IDEA is making a difference. It just takes time, perseverance, patience, and good leadership.”
  • “The session by Tim Sanders was inspirational as an eye opener to the fact that not sharing information can be a crutch to your company rather than a strong suit.”
  • “The Forum acts on two fronts: advancing eCommerce in the electrical industry, and keeping participants abreast of the latest developments and related technologies.”
  • “Cost of the Forum- $595.00. Cost of the hotel- $129.00. Cost of meeting and interacting with the people who can help your business and solve problems- priceless.”

Please email or connect with us on social media sites if you have additional Forum resources to share.

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