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This Week in IDEA | March 17, 2011

Portal Tip: EDI Capabilities Chart Updated

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IDEA updated the EDI Capabilities Chart which communicates the Inbound and Outbound EDI, Flat File and EDIFact transactions that a company supports -- over 80 electrical manufacturers and distributors are represented in this new chart. The document specifies the transaction types each company is capable of conducting today and those that are being testing for future use. For example, Distributor X is capable of conducting Inbound EDI transactions for Invoices (810), Outbound for Purchase Order (850), and is testing the Price Authorization Acknowledgment/Status (845) transaction set for future use.

This information is extremely valuable for companies that are trying to prioritize ways in which they can drive costs out of their supply chain. It enables you to pinpoint the processes you can automate with your strategic trading partners so that you can contact them to set up the EDI workflow.

The updated EDI Capabilities Chart is now available on the IDEA Portal. You can download the document by logging in with your user name and password, navigating to Training>IDX>Resources.

If your company is not represented on the EDI Capabilities Chart, please contact to let her know you want to be added and send a list of the EDI transactions you support. This process will be automated in 2011 to ensure accurate and current information; we will provide an update once this is completed.

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