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This Week in IDEA | August 30, 2012

Tim Powers of Hubbell Incorporated Recognized for Leadership in eBusiness

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Content courtesy of electroindustry (ei) magazine


 Correction from email. From left: Timothy (Tim) H. Powers, Chairman and CEO of Hubbell Incorporated and David (Dave) G. Nord, President and COO of Hubbell Incorporated.

Tim Powers, chairman and CEO of Hubbell Incorporated, wa­s recognized in the August issue of electroindustry, a NEMA publication, for driving eBusiness momentum, inspiring collaboration and progress. Powers is a source of vision and stability for the industry, volunteering as a powerful advocate of IDEA’s industry initiatives and positioning his company as a leader in eBusiness, sustainability and cost-savings success. Tim is truly deserving of the honor, and IDEA and many others in the industry are sincerely grateful for his support.

Comments from colleagues:

“Tim is truly one of the great leaders within the electrical industry. I believe that one sign of a great leader is a willingness to give back to the industry. Tim has made a remarkable impact on both manufacturers and distributors through his involvement with organizations such as NEMA and IDEA. ”
– Robert A. Reynolds, Jr., Executive Chairman, Graybar

“Tim is a very collaborative leader. He gets involved quickly; in the case of IDEA, as chairman, he provided the leadership needed to add credibility to the effort. He motivated those within Hubbell to prepare their businesses for populating the IDW with the marketing data sorely needed by our distributors to increase pr­oductivity now and in the future.”
­– Bob Murphy, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Hubbell

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