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This Week in IDEA | April 26, 2013

IDEA Opinion Research Survey Highlights

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Thank you to all who participated in the IDEA Opinion Research Survey this year. The survey was conducted in February/March 2013 and sent to IDEA customers. We are so grateful for your support and really appreciate the time you took to give us your honest feedback. The results will be used to prioritize customer service and product improvements.

Key Findings:

We asked you to describe IDEA in your own words and you said…

*The larger the font, the more often that word was used in the descriptions.

The most common reasons people are IDEA customers: Over 50% said it was to make trading partners and customers happy and support the industry. Almost half of the respondents also said it was because they wanted to use applications with a standards-based foundation.

Ease of use is the most important factor in selecting a service provider: 68.6% of respondents ranked it as the most important. Future growth opportunities followed by cost were the next top factors.

What makes IDEA different from other technology service providers:

Respondents commented that they use the IDW because the product data is robust, manufacturer-owned, accurate and up-to-date.

“If it were not for the data in IDW, we would not have made a sale. It was that important that the data on these particular products be available there for this customer!”

“IDW is the best source for accurate data for the distributor. You can pull it any time you need it. You can pull future data as it is loaded by the manufacturer. Since the data comes directly from the manufacturer, I know it is very accurate.”

For the Industry. By the Industry.

“It's rare to work with an organization that is so determined to help other organizations. The people at IDEA have the attitude that their own success is dependent on my success. They will do what I need to help me get there. They're always available to help and the response time is very quick.”

“IDEA provides great opportunities for a manufacturer to help shape eCommerce in the industry. They ask for feedback on solutions, and encourage participation at the Forum and standards meetings. In addition, their services add real value to the bottom line. No where else can one find this kind of culture, which has evolved into one that encourages participation and collaboration from its members.”

“Integrity in gathering and managing our data. Data standards enforced to make us a better data partner to our customers. Top-notch data quality and customer service teams. Being a leader in the industry for data standards and paving the way for new data partnerships (e.g. UNSPSC & ETIM).”

The majority of respondents ranked their satisfaction with IDEA and the IDW as "satisfied" or “very satisfied” and would be likely to recommend IDEA to others.

While this is positive feedback, we will continue to improve our satisfaction ratings by utilizing all the feedback shared in this survey. Thank you again for your support of the industry and congratulations to our four survey raffle winners of $25 VISA gift cards!  

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