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This Week in IDEA | April 12, 2013

Job Opening: Data Quality Analyst

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If you are passionate about actively contributing to the data quality in the industry, consider joining our expanding Data Quality Analyst team at IDEA.

Department: IDW Solutions

Reports to: Manager, IDW Solutions

Function: This position is responsible for monitoring and managing the quality of data in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). This person will work with assigned manufacturers and data suppliers to fully populate the IDW with complete transactional and marketing content, and drive continuous improvement of manufacturer data. The person must function with minimal supervision and regularly operate under deadlines.

Key Responsibilities: This data quality professional will:

  • Validate data updates, monitor report and query performance, troubleshoot data issues, and document processes and results.
  • Directly acquire and maintain digital data assets for the IDW
  • Load manufacturer data to the IDW, as required, and monitor results
  • Set up new customer accounts in the IDW, train customers in data loading/extracting techniques; write custom maps as required
  • Suggest, document, and implement tools to automate data analysis and data loading tasks
  • Other projects as assigned 

Education and Experience:

  • Technical proficiency with relational databases and large data structures.
  • Experience with validity checking and developing methods to identify data inconsistency and inaccuracy
  • Proficiency in MS Excel, Access, Word, and SQL.
  • Web harvesting experience
  • Strong analytical, research, and problem solving skills
  • Strong communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • BA in Computer Science or equivalent 3-5 year related work experience
  • Additional Requirements:

    • Ability to interact with individuals at different levels within and outside the company.
    • Team player that is self-driven with a strong work ethic.
    • Knowledge and familiarity with manufacturer data and data categorization schemas.

    If you are interested in and qualify for this position, please forward a cover letter and resume to Barbara Prince, Manager, IDW Solutions, at .

    Download the Data Quality Analyst job description as a PDF> 

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