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This Week in IDEA | April 12, 2013

Top Three Technology Trends in Electrical Distribution

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There are a lot of new and evolving technologies that are relevant to distributors today, but things are changing at such a rapid pace, it can be daunting to prioritize and stay current. What technologies and trends should you keep your eye on? tED magazine recently hosted a webcast on the top three technology trends in electrical distribution.

Joe Bennett, the guest speaker and Senior Director of Wholesale Distribution Solutions at Infor, has spent over 21 years engineering software with a particular focus in a few key verticals including electrical distribution. He spoke about what's happening in the industry, how technology and innovation best intersect, and shared tips on how you can act upon these three trends:

  1. Enterprise Suite vs. ERP
  2. Mobility
  3. Systems of Engagement (Social) 

Greg Chun, Vice President of Information Technology at McNaughton-McKay Electric Company, also joined as a guest speaker to provide an electrical distributor's point of view and share his best practices.

The webcast is a great resource to learn new ways technology can improve your profitability.

View the presentation and recorded webcast here> 

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