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Electrical Wholesaling article: "Data-Driven-Life-Cycle"

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    To streamline the supply chain, manufacturers and distributors need to work together to make sure product data is properly coded.

    Codes are widely used by companies to categorize information, and provide stages, or maturity of products. Of the many code systems used in the electrical industry, those used for communicating update-process changes — adds, changes or deletes — are called “life-cycle” codes.

    Industry codes for product categorization and proprietary codes for product categorization have been around for years. Some of these codes are available only from selective service providers including IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). Download the complete article to find out more about the importance of life-cycle codes, obstacles encountered and how Wabash Electric uses attributes in the IDW Data Synchronization Platform as an important part of their inventory management.

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