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IDEA Appoints Michael Wentz to Director, Sales and Marketing

Wentz brings over 30 years of distribution and technology experience

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  • ARLINGTON, VA – IDEA (, a business-to-business technology service provider owned by the electrical industry, announces the appointment of Michael Wentz to Director, Sales and Marketing.

    Wentz spent five years leading sales and marketing initiatives at Activant Solutions before joining IDEA in 2010 as the national sales manager.

    “Mike has exceptional talent, and remarkable depth and breadth of knowledge in the electrical distribution channel and technology space. He is a well-respected professional of utmost character, and the industry is fortunate to have him join the leadership team of professionals focused on serving the men, women and businesses in the electrical supply chain,” said Robert Gaylord, president and CEO, IDEA.

    During his tenure as national sales manager, Wentz increased IDEA’s focus on providing optimum solutions for distributors and manufacturers that are part of established communities. Results from his efforts have been realized by businesses in the electrical industry and beyond.

    “In my new role at IDEA, I will leverage my domain expertise to help distributors and manufacturers of all sizes meet the business challenges of today. Trading partners must understand that providing enriched product information electronically has become just as important of a business driver as on-time deliveries. I am eager to lead the sales and marketing team and collaborate with IDEA’s community to further our mission of driving cost out of the supply chain,” said Wentz.

    Wentz is taking over marketing responsibilities from Rita Hagopian Deurdulian, who left the company to join her husband overseas. Deurdulian spearheaded IDEA’s marketing department in 2005, and led the company through a corporate rebranding.

    About IDEA: Our deep category knowledge was born of the electrical industry in 1998. IDEA was founded through a partnership rooted in the collective leadership, vision, wisdom and expertise of the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) members. IDEA is the official eCommerce standards creating and setting body for the electrical industry and those same standards translate to other industries. Our eCommerce and Business-to-Business, Synchronization, Standards Adoption, and Professional solutions and services optimize your business to run lean, gain efficiency, synchronize data flow, streamline processes and standardize systems. Our knowledge of the players, realities, challenges, and opportunities provide a powerful consulting partner to make the right decisions to Unleash the Power of e and position you solidly for success in today’s business environment (  

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    Congrat’s on your appointment to Director: Sales and Marketing!

    Thank you - enjoyed our visit with you and hope to partner with your team on some new initiatives in the near future.

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